About Experience Spain

We have built our reputation through word of mouth recommendation and having started with just one trip we now run a whole range of routes and adventures throughout Spain. Fully guided trips that allowed everyone to discover Spain with the best, most knowledgeable and sexiest local guides leading the way.

We believe that Spanish culture, history, gastronomy, myths and legends can only truly come to life through a local and that you can have an incredible time travelling on a budget. Therefore choice is at the heart of what we do. It’s your trip so we don’t package or impose restrictive kitties.

We also offer several online guides and printable fact sheets for your convenience. Some free, some at affordable prices, and most of them priceless!!!

The Crew

We are proud locals born to show off Spain in a style that has made us one of a kind. Our mission is to make each trip the best one yet, passionate and sensitive to history. We don’t believe in sticking to rigid itineraries and will do things differently depending on the weather or wishes of the group.

We and our friends will also keep you entertained and fascinated telling the myths and stories from our long and turbulent history. You will get all the "must see’s" but we will also take you to those places only locals know, where history is alive and, many times, hidden from tourists. You’ll leave our country loving our homeland as much as we do!